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  • Not many people know how important eye health is! We connected with Dr. Mike Imler of PremierMED Ophthalmology in Winter Garden, who taught us all about eye exams, disease prevention, and even how to shop for sunglasses!

  • As a college student, sleep is a precious commodity. Among all the excitement college has to offer, sleep tends to find its way to the bottom of the priority list.

  • Protecting your skin from the harsh sun, especially here in Florida, is so important! We connected with a local expert, Dr. Bill Steffes from Advanced Dermatology in Winter Garden, to find out what we all need to know about skin cancer prevention and detection.

  • For years, we've known that eating healthy, exercising, and living a healthy lifestyle are important. What can be done to promote social connection?

  • One of the main reasons people experience mental decline as they get older is because they stop challenging their brains. While the brain isn't exactly a muscle, maintaining a healthy brain is like maintaining a healthy body.

  • Let’s hear from brain health expert Michael Dottino from USA Memory Championship to learn about how to keep our brain, mental, and physical health at peak performance!

  • Our team set out on a mission for National Picnic Month to find amazing picnic spots in our community! Take a scroll through our list, and pick a spot to stroll!

  • There are a lot of health myths, old wives’ tales, and misconceptions about colds and flus out there! We checked in with an expert at Orlando Health to find out what’s fact and what’s fiction! Let’s hear from Dr. Naman Dalal, board-certified family medicine physician with Orlando Health Physician Associates