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So you chose an area of wellness that you’d like to improve? You made a SMART goal and you’ve fallen off track? Be kind to yourself, the only real failure is never starting! Goals are experiments to be tested and adjusted as needed. This approach allows you to be more resilient as you face challenges.

Less than 25% of people stay committed to their resolutions for more than 30 days, and only 8% accomplish them. But that doesn’t have to be you, that’s why you’re here! You want to beat the odds, and you’re wondering how. The question remains, what adjustments do you need to make to your goal?

Here are the 4 Rs you can revisit and recommit your goals to find success.

1. Replan:

More often than not, the plan is what needs to be adjusted, not the goal. You set a goal, but maybe you don’t have a plan to support it. Or maybe the action steps are too far out of reach and you found yourself unmotivated or discouraged. Change consists of a series of small, bite sized steps leading towards the big vision that is just slightly beyond reach, yet close enough to strive for.

Maybe you’re asking yourself, “what’s next?” Come up with the right next step, one step at a time. People are easily overwhelmed when focusing on the larger goal or vision, so break it down and focus on one small step at a time.

Maybe you’re asking yourself “What now?” because you’ve experienced a set back, or an interruption and you don’t know how to overcome obstacles yet. Plan ahead: are there adjustments that need to be made to the plan to prevent the same issues from occurring as you march on? Think and plan ahead so you can overcome those setbacks before you face them next time.

Sometimes things just aren’t working and maybe you found yourself asking, “What else could work?” If your approach isn’t working, consider trying something else. Maybe you need to overhaul your current plan entirely and formulate a new one, still working towards the same meaningful goal.

2. Remind:

Sometimes wavering commitment is the obstacle you’re battling. It is common to get so focused on the action steps that you forget why you started in the first place. When it comes to setting goals, your success is dependent on your motivation.

If you didn’t create a wellness vision or unpack your why, invest time into this process and it will not come back void. Ask yourself, “What would I like life to look like in five years?” Or describe a picture of your most ideal and healthy life, using all five senses.

If you did already discover your why, remind yourself why you chose it and remember what makes it meaningful to you. Ask yourself, “is this still important to me?”

Some people benefit from writing down their vision or their why and posting it on their wall or mirror until they’ve conditioned themselves to recall it automatically, when tempted to compromise your goal.

3. Refocus:

Sometimes when working towards your goal, other goals are revealed and can divide or distract from your attention. Maybe those other goals compete for importance. Fear not, you have time to achieve more than one goal, but it is powerful to focus on one goal at a time. Take a step back, and prioritize what is most valuable to you right now, and then create a plan to support that. If you need reminders on how to create your goals, visit our blog on goal setting

4. Reengage:

When you find yourself disengaging from your goal, it may be a good time to add in some outside accountability. Based on your goal, consider including a friend in your journey, a personal trainer, or a health coach. Someone that can provide guidance, support and honest information.

You took a hard step. You took action and began your goal. Easy habits can be formed in 21 days, but it can take up to 21 months to develop a new lifestyle. It is a process of trial and correction. Know your why and celebrate the small wins along the way, that will keep you motivated. Success breeds success and with enough momentum, you’ll be on a success snowball in no time!

Want a worksheet you can complete and post to help you achieve your goals? Print our Resolution Rescue Sheet to help you get started!

What’s one positive change you are making this year? Share a picture of your goal, tell us who you will work with to accomplish your goal, we’d love to hear from you in the comments below:

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