Get ready to make a splash because Westly’s Splash Challenge turns west Orange into a water wonderland! It’s not about cannonballs and belly flops… it’s a watery adventure that packs a punch of health benefits.

We all know that Florida’s summers are brutal. So every June, Healthy West Orange challenges the community to add 30 minutes of water-focused fun into their daily lives. It’s a super cool way for our community to dive into fitness while having a blast. Think of it as a water-soaked fiesta where everyone’s invited to join in the fun! Whether it’s playing in the sprinklers, washing your car, watering your garden, or just taking a swim, the health perks for your mind and body cannot be beat. Splashing around not only works muscles you might not know you have, but is also a stress-relief potion. Who knew a water balloon fight could be so therapeutic?

In a nutshell, the Healthy West Orange Splash Challenge is more than just a way to get wet – it’s a splash-tastic journey to health and happiness. So, don your swimsuits, grab your beachballs, and let’s make a splash for a healthier, happier West Orange!

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