Back to College – COVID-19 Edition – Part 3

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The NEW College Experience

Rethinking College Experiences

By Daniela Vulpe, UCF College Student

How to rethink college experiences?

In my previous post, I talked about housing and what are some of our options for this fall. In this post, I will try to give a couple of tips on getting the best out of our college experience during COVID-19.

There are many new rules to keep the ones around us and ourselves safe. One of which is maintaining social distance. As college students, we are used to being happily crowded in an auditorium, library, or stadium. The 6 ft rule cancels some of our most loved experiences: hanging out with friends, parties, tailgates, clubs, gyms, graduations. Or does it? Well, this college season will definitely take a lot of creativity. But I’m not giving up on making beautiful memories. And I’m definitely getting a lot of new stories to tell my kids about the time when their “absolutely stunning mom was in college”.

1. It’s Okay to Be Disappointed!

It’s alright to be sad and grief the loss of some experiences that you were waiting for. It has been a very challenging time for everyone, yourself included. So don’t be afraid to seek help when needed and validate your own feelings.

2. Stay Connected!

Zooming our way through life is the new motto here. Zoom for class, Zoom for clubs, Zoom for parties, and maybe Zoom for a date? *Less shaving involved, ladies ;)  So let’s use all our apps to keep in touch with our loved ones and also create new connections.

3. Spending More Time with Yourself

You don’t have to spend most of your fall semester in your room. How about you take yourself out? The simple act of getting ready is known to boost your self-esteem, mood, productivity, and your selfie game. You can take yourself out for a coffee break, a picnic in a park, a hike or just a simple walk. Thus, you can maintain social distancing and spend some quality time with the most important person in your life, you.

4. Reinvent It!

Let’s follow the example of Class of 2020. They couldn’t have a traditional graduation so they made their own. Some schools had a drive by graduation parade, yard signs, virtual commencement ceremonies, and so on. So how about we break down the barriers of how it is supposed to be and revamp it a bit?

5. Look Forward to the Future!

COVID-19 will not last forever. We will walk outside mask free soon and get to hug all our friends and family. And until then let’s keep it pushing and smiling so bright, no mask could hide it.

What are some ideas for making this college season more fun? And how are you dealing with the situation? I hope you and all your loved ones are safe.

Much love,

About the Author

Hi, there! My name is Daniela Vulpe. I am a junior majoring in Health Sciences at UCF. I am a proud Moldovan, Jiu-Jitsuer, founder of OrlandoAgainstCorona and intern at Healthy West Orange!

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