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Bekemeyer Family Farm

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Bekemeyer Family Farm

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Great-Grandpa George J. & Great-Grandma Willie F. (Griffin) Bekemeyer converted 20 acres of pine trees and palmettos into a citrus grove and truck farm using their mule and plow.

Now with the 4th generation coming of age, we have replanted all of the citrus trees that were ravaged by the citrus greening disease. Additionally, we have added U-Pick strawberries, blueberries and peaches and an onsite air conditioned Farm Stand offering pre-picked fruits and fresh vegetables. All of these wholesome products are grown on our farm in a vertical hydroponics system utilizing only safe and environmentally friendly pest/disease control products only when needed.

Join us in our journey of transformation and enjoy the freshness of locally grown goodness at Bekemeyer Family Farm, “Your BFF since 1920.”

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