woman outside in sunflower field

Harvest Your Happy

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woman outside in sunflower field

Harvest Your Happy

Autumn is officially here! We’re getting ready for the holidays, loving the cooler temperatures, and invite you to join us this fall and Harvest Your Happy!

But what does that mean?

Sowing & Reaping

When a farmer harvests their crops, it’s their moment to reap the rewards of the hard work they’ve put in all year long. From tilling the land and planting the seeds, to watering and fertilizing and so much more; harvest time is the time to celebrate the literal fruits of their labor. In terms of harvesting your happy, what work have you put in this year to invest in your happiness? It’s different for everyone. It may be reaching a goal, getting a good grade, making new friends, learning something new, or even trying to find balance in your life. But whatever it is, we want you to take a moment this month and harvest that happy. Reflect on your growth. Celebrate your success!

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Having a Healthy Happy

Your body needs nutrition and activity to grow, stay strong, and fight disease. The same is true about your mind. Mental fitness goes hand-in-hand with overall health and well-being. Your happiness is affected by your mind, your perceptions and reactions will affect how you physically feel. But if you are struggling to harvest your happy this fall, remember…no one is  happy all of the time, and that’s okay.

Starting on Your Happiness

Where do you start? Ultimately, that’s up to you. Here’s a 23 ways to be happier from Psychology Today. Also, try increasing your physical activity and eating healthier foods. Try spending more time with friends and family, doing something new or maybe even just take a vacation or break. Those are all ways you can harvest your happy. Think of what you’re grateful for and focusing on those things. There are a lot of paths to happiness; only you know the best way to harvest it for yourself.

We Want to Hear from You!

How are you working on your happiness? Share with us below!

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