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If this last year has taught us anything, it’s that keeping things clean and sanitized is an important part of our health! A cleaning routine can not only make your home look and smell squeaky clean, but also gets you up, active, and feeling productive. Let’s first talk about basic cleaning tips, the health benefits of cleaning you may not have thought of, and then we’ll go over the pesky spots that folks often forget to clean.

Calling Mr. Clean!

First, let’s tackle some basic cleaning facts. Take a look at these resources to learn more.

  • When someone in your home gets sick, it’s important to take special precautions when sanitizing your household. Learn more about what the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends on disinfecting surfaces, laundry, electronics, and more here.
  • Trying to keep your everyday products all-natural? There are plenty of ways to DIY your own cleaning solutions. Check out these homemade cleaning ideas.
  • How often should I be cleaning certain spots? explains how completing small tasks throughout the week can make cleaning easier:
    • Put together a caddy that includes must-have cleaning supplies (microfiber cloths, glass cleaner, a mildly abrasive cleaner, an all-purpose cleaner and a pair of latex gloves). This makes it easier to grab and go; less fumbling under the sink looking for supplies!
    • Clean as you go! Making quick work of the daily pile up of clutter and mess in the kitchen, bathroom, and living room will help you avoid cross-contamination of germs.
    • Sanitize highly-trafficked bathroom spots several times a week: sinks, toilets, bathtubs, and showers.
    • To keep your bedroom feeling like a peaceful retreat, tidy up the surfaces after making your bed in the morning. Put any clothing that has been left out into the hamper or back in your drawers. Doing these simple tasks consistently will quickly become a habit and make regular weekly cleanings much easier.
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Cleaning Benefits More Than Your Home

Did you know that cleaning can also benefit your body and mind? You may be wondering; how can an annoying chore benefit my mind? Well, we’re here to drop some knowledge!

Getting your home in tip-top shape can also help you get into shape! shares: “One of the world’s largest studies on physical activity has found that doing household chores can be just as effective as running or working out when it comes to cutting your risk of heart disease and extending your life.” Walking, lifting, going up stairs, and other movements while cleaning counts as physical activity! Remember, every movement matters!

Clear the clutter in your mind.

Cleaning and organizing are strongly associated with decreasing stress and anxiety, as explained by Tidying your surroundings can bring feelings of calm, uplift your mood, and increase your focus and productivity. While getting a bunch of chores done can seem stressful at first, taking it step by step and keeping a checklist can help you work through it.

Need help navigating how to sort through your items to determine what to keep, donate, and throw out? Check out our blog post: “It’s Just Stuff”.

Don’t Miss This!

These are a few of the most often forgotten places/items to clean in your home. It’s important to clean those nooks and crannies!

  • Dishwasher: While It may leave your dishes clean, your dishwasher isn’t self-cleaning. Dedicate some time to wash the filters and loosening up old food and grime. Just turn your dial to the hottest wash setting and add a strong cleaning agent, like baking soda.
    Outdoor furniture: Outdoor furniture weathers the elements every day, especially in the Florida weather! To remove caked in dust and dirt, hose down outdoor furniture with water outside, then use dishwashing liquid and microfiber cloths to gently remove dirt.
  • Lampshades: Lampshades are a magnet for dust and dirt. But because most people don’t think to clean them, all that accumulated dust may be affecting the quality of your light and air. Determine what material your lampshade is made of, and follow the cleaning instructions on the tag.
  • Throw pillows: From pet hair to food stains, throw pillows attract a lot of odors and bacteria over time. Make sure you throw the covers in the washer every other week or so, and if your decorative pillows are not machine-washable, try a gentle hand-cleaning process with special upholstery shampoo instead.
  • Garbage disposal: Garbage disposals take care of excess food waste in a pinch, but they can also be prone to mold, decay, and clogs. Give them some attention every week by turning on the hot water, pouring a solution of equal parts vinegar and baking soda down the drain, and running the disposal for at least 1 full minute.
  • Trash cans: Every once in a while, it’s important to disinfect the bottom and sides of your trash can, to prevent mold and other contaminants from growing there. In some cases, it may be easier to use an outdoor hose to loosen the debris, followed by disinfectant spray and a scrub with a clean toilet brush.
  • Curtains and upholstery: Did you know that your drapes and curtains need to be cleaned, too? Using the soft brush attachment on your vacuum, you can eliminate dust and lint while you vacuum the house. For deeper cleaning, hand wash them with a soap made for delicates.
  • Door knobs and handles: Our hands are always touching door knobs and handles, so it’s important to sanitize often! Give them a thorough wipe with damp microfiber cloths and all-purpose cleaner every now and again.
  • Toothbrush holder: That’s right – even your toothbrush holder needs to be cleaned! Home to all kinds of bacteria and debris, your holder and other bathroom accessories need regular cleaning. If your holder is dishwasher safe, just run it through a cycle on the top rack. You can also wash by hand with dishwashing liquid and hot water.
  • Light switches: Much like door knobs and handles, light switches have the tendency to collect bacteria from our hands. Make sure to spray your all-purpose cleaner onto a microfiber cloth first, taking care to avoid spraying the lighting hardware.
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Happy Spring Cleaning to You!

What are your favorite cleaning lifehacks? Let us know below!

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