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It’s the holiday season! Family, friends, music, food, gifts, oh yeah… and stress! Don’t get me wrong, it’s definitely a joyous time. But it can be a little too much sometimes. It’s important to set aside a few minutes each day for you-time. That way, you can recharge and get back to the holiday festivities! We’ve got a few self-care tips from PsychologyToday that can help you stay sane this season.

1. Festive Fitness!

During the holidays, most people skip their workout to make room for more seasonal activities. That’s a double whammy: You add potentially stressful situations and lose your stress reliever in one blow. Instead, do what you can to maintain your exercise schedule. If you don’t have time to go to the gym or take a long run, simply scale back. Go for a 10-minute walk or do some light stretching, rather than skipping your workout entirely. We’ve got 25 fast and easy exercises to keep you moving HERE.

2. Have an “Attitude of Gratitude”

Getting overwhelmed can make it easy to catch the holiday blues. Taking a few moments to think about a few things you’re thankful for can make a big difference in your outlook! It could be as simple as a cup of coffee, a good hair day, or a flower in your garden. Try creating a Gratitude Journal to log everything you’re grateful for! Learn how to make one here!

3. Sleep Away the “Silent Night”

Most of us sleep less this time of year, whether from staying out late drinking at parties or leaving all the gift-wrapping until the last minute. Losing sleep over the perfect meal or present will not make you or your family happier or healthier over the holidays. But you know what will? Consistent quality sleep. Cut back on caffeine, extra sugar before bed, and try to skip naps after those big holiday meals. Learn how to perfect your sleep environment from a local expert here!

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4. Get All in Your Feels

The holidays often bring up strong feelings for people around everything from family losses, new relationships, to meeting the high expectations of visiting family. And most of us would rather avoid those difficult emotions – through the time-honored holiday traditions of eating or drinking – rather than just accepting that it is natural to feel them this time of year. If you notice yourself reaching for something to eat or drink in response to a difficult feeling, try to make sense of what’s going on instead. Are you angry with your partner? Are you grieving a departed relative or friend? The more you try to make sense of your emotions, the less scary and dangerous they become. Try out this awareness activity to help you discover what emotions you may be feeling.

5. The Best Gift Ever is the Present!

While you worry about whether everyone is happy with the meal or if the kids are eating too much sugar, you miss the powerful, gratifying moments that make the holidays magical. One great way to start embracing the present moment is by taking a few minutes to find one thing you feel good about right now. Check out this mindfulness exercise to reset and recharge your mind.

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It’s time to celebrate! Deck the halls, laugh with your loved ones, and most importantly, enjoy yourself. It’s been a tough year for sure, and we can all use a happy holiday season.

How do you stay sane and relaxed during the holiday season? Share with the community below!

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