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Water Safety

Swimming is great for physical activity and it’s something the whole family can enjoy! But as with most things, it comes with risk. We are here to help you be prepared this year for your summer fun, so let’s talk about water safety!

Water Safety Education

What: Water Competency means being able to anticipate, avoid and survive common drowning situations. It encompasses water safety awareness, swimming skills, and assisting others.

Why: Drowning is an unfortunate and real risk. It is one of the leading causes of unintentional injury or death for young children between the ages of 1-14 and serves as a threat to adults of all ages.

How:  Here are some ways you can be intentional to prepare for your summer splashing.

Swim Lessons: enroll your children in swim lessons.

Child Underwater in Pool
Child Swimming

Safety Parameters

✔ Secure barriers. It is advised that you install at least a four-foot gate/netting/fence around your pool.

✔ Empty portable pools: When not in use, drain inflatable pools. It only takes an inch of water for an accident.

✔ Remove toys from pool: When the pool is not in use, remove toys from the pool so they do not lure young children in, unsupervised.

✔ Follow or establish pool rules: When at a public pool, abide by the pool rules. When splashing at home, establish household pool rules to respect such as no running or dunking.

✔ Always keep a safety kit handy: scissors, life ring, reaching pole or rope.

CPR: It is the Difference Between Life and Death

  • Free on-going CPR certification courses in Winter Garden: Register for instruction provided by Rural/Metro Ambulance, in support of the communities served by the Winter Garden Fire Rescue Department. Register in advance by calling 407-578-3636. Pre-registration is required.
  • Study from home with this free guide and informational services on CPR.
CPR Training

Go Have Fun!

Being prepared provides a sense of comfort and confidence.  Don’t let the risks divert you, pay attention to these safety measures then go have a splash this summer! If you’re thinking about going boating, check out our Boating Safety Tips blog for a guide to stay safe and have fun!

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