Choose This Not That: 2nd Edition

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Eat This Not That

If you liked the first edition of Choose This Not That, we’re back with round two! This time, we’ve teamed up with Claire Brown, national board-certified Health and Wellness Coach at West Orange Nephrology. She’s got some helpful tips for making healthier ingredient choices when creating your delicious meals. Remember, baby steps can have a big impact on your health! Give a few of these a try, and read all the way to the end for a sweet treat!

Eat This:
The WHOLE food: olives, avocados

Not That:
Olive oil, avocado oil

Skip the oil ingredient in dressing, hummus, and sauces, and use the whole food!

Eat This:
Hummus or mashed ripe banana

Not That:

Instead of putting butter on baked potatoes, bread, or veggies, try hummus! Swap butter on sweet items like pancakes or sweet potatoes and try a mashed ripe banana!

Eat This:

Not That:
Mayo or cheese

Looking for delicious toppings on your burgers and sandwiches? Swap cheese and mayo for avocado!

Eat This:
Lemon juice, nutritional yeast flakes, Tabasco sauce

Not That:

Instead of sprinkling salt on your food, try a squeeze of lemon juice, nutritional yeast flakes, or Tabasco sauce (only 35 mg sodium per serving!)


Eat This:
“Nice Cream”

Not That:
Ice Cream

Food Montage

A super easy recipe that lets you enjoy a sweet treat with NO ADDED SUGAR.

  • Start with VERY ripe bananas – the more the better! I always have extra on hand just so I can make this yummy treat!
  • Peel and slice the bananas, separating the pieces out on a paper plate or parchment paper. Freeze.
  • Add the frozen banana chunks to a blender with just enough plant milk (almond, soy, oat, whatever) to allow them to blend.
  • Be patient and add more plant milk as needed. Add a tsp of vanilla or cocoa powder to taste. Soon you’ll be an expert!

Other fun flavors:

Pumpkin Pie: ADD pumpkin pie spice and a spoon of canned pumpkin (or cooked sweet potato)

PB&J: ADD peanut butter and a few frozen berries (or small spoon of jam)

Reeses: ADD peanut butter and cocoa powder

Tropical Whip: ADD frozen crushed pineapple

For more healthy eating tips and recipes, check out Claire’s website:

Rethinking the way you use ingredients in a recipe can be a gamechanger! Sometimes swapping one ingredient instead of the whole meal makes change easier. Adjusting what you eat in these small ways will soon become second nature. What are your favorite healthy choices/ substitutions? Share them with the community below!

About the Author

Claire Brown, NBC-HWC is a national board-certified Health and Wellness Coach and member of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine. In addition to coaching private clients, she is on staff at West Orange Nephrology in Winter Garden, where she supports patients in implementing healthy lifestyle changes, including a plant-based diet. Claire loves working with her clients to discover the personal values and strengths that empower their unique journey to optimal health. In addition, as a plant-based culinary professional and licensed Food for Life cooking instructor, she enjoys demonstrating how easy, budget-friendly and delicious plant foods are to cook and eat! Follow her on Facebook and Instagram @plantbasedtable or email:

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