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Grilling vegetables

Hey everyone, Heather with HWO here! I’ve tried a lot of new healthy things with HWO: gardening, Tai Chi, and 5K runs, but I’ve never tried my hand at grilling. To be honest, it seemed pretty scary to me. Plus, I’m not a huge fan of hot dogs and hamburgers, so I never thought I needed to use a grill. That’s when Chef Gary Appelsies from the YMCA of Central Florida opened my eyes to a whole new world: grilling veggies!

I had no idea that vegetables, and even fruit, could be cooked on the BBQ. And as I said before, I also had no idea how to grill in general. Chef Gary walked me through a super easy Vegetable Salad recipe, that we whipped up right in the backyard! Check out our cooking class below, and try not to judge my amateur grilling skills. Oh, and if you want to hear my takeaways of my first go at grilling, then keep scrolling!

Try this dish for yourself, and check out all the other healthy recipes Chef Gary has created, HERE!

Look at all these veggies! This could be a side dish, but it’s really big enough for a whole meal.

I didn’t know you could throw a whole pepper on the grill! There’s no easier prep than that.


Chef Gary taught me that cooking doesn’t always mean following an exact recipe. Next time I make this recipe, I’m going to add onions!

This garlic olive oil is a game changer! It adds so much extra flavor.

Did anyone else have no idea that you could grill tomatoes?!

The key to grilling veggies: grill marks and charring does NOT mean you’re burning it. It’s adding flavor!

Having never grilled before, I really need to take notes on safety. Always remember to turn off and clean the grill while it’s still warm, got it!

Making this homemade dressing isn’t as complicated as I thought! We’re using what I already have in my kitchen.

Adding herbs leveled-up these veggies. *Hey Siri, remind me to add herbs to every meal.

This plate is looking so fancy, but no one would know how simple it was! I’m definitely going to impress my guests with this “veggie charcuterie board”.

P.S. Stay tuned for more cooking videos with Chef Gary!

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