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Winter Garden Farmer’s Market – Mother & Son’s Cacao & Spice

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Farmer’s Market Spotlight

Last month we featured an article about the Winter Garden Farmer’s Market. As part of that article we highlighted two of the roughly 130 vendors that can be found there offering local products with friendly faces. We decided that because there are so many wonderful vendors, we should highlight a few more. This week we are highlighting Mother & Son’s Cacao & Spice.

The Great Cacao Bean

Maruca Andrews and her son Paul Andrews have been active at the Winter Garden Market for over three years now and they love it! They began selling raw cacao beans because of their great health benefits. That sent them on a journey of rediscovering all of the amazing nutrients that herbs, seeds and spices provide our body with to help it repair and heal itself. So now, in addition to fresh, raw cacao beans, you can purchase an abundance of healthful herbs, seeds and spices! Maruca and Paul are passionate about learning, researching and sharing the fruits of their labor with market patrons and visitors so be sure to stop by their booth for a little spice of life!

For more information visit them at the Winter Garden Farmers Market website.

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