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12 Days of Fitness

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Cookies, candy, and pies, Oh My!

Tis’ the season… for so many treats! One of the best things about the holidays is the delicious and plentiful food. News Flash: it’s totally okay to indulge and celebrate this special time of year. It’s also important to stay active to combat the holiday bulge. How can you do that?

Well… Presenting the 12 Days of Fitness! (see what we did there?)

Practice these exercises each day to keep your body moving.

Get Moving!

Getting your body moving even just a little helps you stay healthier! After all, just taking a walk around the block means you’ll be lapping everyone on the couch. Happy eating, happy exercising, and Happy Holidays from us at Healthy West Orange.

1st Day – Jumping Jacks

Ever wonder who Jack is and why he started jumping? Well Chase and Jaclyn and are going to show you how to get it done, so get ready to get jumping.

2nd Day – High Knees

Say “Hi” to your knees! Bailey is powering through Day 2!

3rd Day – Sit-ups

Don’t sit down, sit up! Join Naria and accept today’s challenge!

4th Day – Mountain Climbers

There may not be many mountains in Florida… but we can pretend! Austin is climbing all the way to the top!

5th Day – Pushups

Not push-up pops. Get your mind out of the freezer. Marissa is here to show us how to slay the pushup game.

6th Day – Russian Twists

Come on, let’s twist again like we did last summer! The gang’s all here to show you how to get your twist on.

7th Day – Planks

Feel the burn! Can the Healthy West Orange squad handle these planks? We know you can!

8th Day – Lunges

Not to be confused with a certain Winter Olympic sport, the lunge will make you question whether you’ll ever sit again. Better sore than sorry on Day 8!

9th Day – Monkey Bars

Go ahead, monkey around! Addie showed us how! Ready for another challenge?

10 Day – Burpees

Get ready for this one! Ethan has some awesome energy while getting his burpees done.

11th Day – Squats

Drop it like it’s hot. Let’s keep it real, it’s always hot in Florida. Brendan and Allison are great squat instructors, check it out!

12 Day – Running

Run, west Orange, Run! It’s the final day and Jack and Jessica aren’t holding back.

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