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It’s Great to Hydrate – with Food!

It’s super important to stay hydrated, especially in Florida! It can be easy to fall behind in your water intake during the hot summers. In addition to water and other healthy drinks, you can eat foods that can contribute to your fluid intake, helping to prevent the headaches and sluggishness caused by dehydration. Another good reason to eat water? Research shows that eating foods that are full of water helps keep you satisfied on fewer calories. Learn about these seven foods that hydrate, with expert info from the Cleveland Clinic.

1. Cucumbers

Cucumbers hydrate and replenish your skin. In addition to containing 95 percent water, cucumbers are rich in anti-inflammatory compounds that help remove waste from the body and reduce skin irritation. Preliminary research also suggests cucumbers promote anti-wrinkling and anti-aging activity.


2. Celery

Celery will satisfy your craving for crunch. It’s also tied with cucumbers and iceberg lettuce at 95 percent water by weight. You can feel good about eating celery because of its low-calorie count and high value in vitamin K, folate and potassium. Yummy with peanut butter, hummus, or your favorite dip!

3. Iceberg Lettuce

Ice, ice, baby! This type of lettuce contains 95 percent water and will definitely help you stay hydrated and cool. That makes it a good hydrating base for your summer salad. However, if you prefer the heart-healthy benefits of leafy greens instead, spinach is a good alternative at 91 percent water by weight. All green everything!


4. Zucchini

Like its relatives in the cucumber and melon families, this summer squash has a high-water content — almost 95 percent. Better yet, zucchini packs in antioxidants such as beta-carotene, lutein and zeaxanthin. Those last two are especially important for eye health.

5. Watermelon

No surprise here — “water” is in the name, after all. Watermelon flesh contains 91 percent water. This summer treat also contains abundant lycopene, which can help protect cells from sun damage and improve your complexion.


6. Strawberries

They’re sweet enough you can eat them for dessert. But the benefits of strawberries go beyond flavor and 91 percent water content. They provide a rich source of flavonoids, compounds associated with improved cognitive function. For example, one study associated eating more berries with delayed cognitive aging of up to 2.5 years.

7. Cauliflower

Surprised? Well, cauliflower is actually 92 percent water by weight. It’s rich in vitamin C, vitamin K and other key essentials. Try it mashed as a substitute for mashed potatoes, or use as a pizza crust!


Eat AND Drink Up!

So, while you’re packing your picnic lunch, don’t forget the hydrating snacks! There are so many yummy options to choose from. For more info about staying healthy and safe in the sun, check out another blog post here!

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