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Kids Back to School, You Back to You!

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woman on treadmill

Getting Back Into Your Routines

Getting the kids back into their routines, helps you get back into yours. But routine doesn’t have to be boring now does it? If you’re heading back to the gym, give these 7 treadmill hacks a shot and you’ll be sure to have a little bit more fun while getting that heart strengthening, body slimming cardio workout.

1. Weighted walking lunges

Grab some weights and take forward lunges while the treadmill is set on a low speed (0.5-1.0 mph).

2. Backward hill climb (with bicep curl)

On a lower speed and a high incline, walk on the treadmill backward. To make this even more challenging, grab a pair of dumbbells and do the backward hill climb while performing bicep curls.

3. Side shuffle

Instead of running forward, face sideways on the treadmill belt and do a standard side shuffle.

4. High-knee skip

Skip instead of jog, and lift your knees as high as possible toward your chest. Pump your arms to drive the momentum of your legs.

5. Walking plank

With the treadmill set to 0.5-1.0 mph, get in plank position with your feet on the ground behind the treadmill and your hands directly on the treadmill belt. Use your hands to “walk” on the treadmill belt. Engage your core muscles and keep the rest of your body still and square to the floor.

6. Mountain climbers

Turn off the treadmill. Put your hands on the treadmill belt and your feet on the floor behind the treadmill, in the same position as the walking plank. Alternate bringing your legs to your chest, as if climbing. Keep the rest of the body engaged in a high plank position.

7. Plank push

With the treadmill off, stand in a high plank position with your feet on the floor behind the treadmill and your hands directly on the treadmill belt. Use your hands to push the belt forward, in the opposite direction that it usually runs. This is nearly the same as the walking plank in #5, but you are pushing the belt in the opposite direction, so it utilizes a different set of muscles in your arm.

Watch a video showing these exercises here.

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Information courtesy of  HealthiNation.

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