Jumping Jacks

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Jumping jacks raise your heart rate faster than that dream about going to school in your underwear.

All jumping jacks are not made equal. Mix and match your favorites.

Jumping Jacks: The OG of cardio exercises. View Motion

Modified Jumping Jacks: No excuses, bub. View Motion

In and Out Jacks: Also useful for scaring off bears. View Motion

Cross Jacks: Also useful when you really want to tell someone “no.” View Motion

Squat Jacks: Bonus: You’re going to look awesome as a pogo stick this Halloween. View Motion

Fingertip to Toe Jacks: You didn’t think you could play patty cake with yourself, did you? View Motion

How many jacks did you jump? (Pick Your Challenge)


You can finish this. I promise.


Now we’re cooking.


You should go pro.

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