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The push-up is royalty among exercises. This compound exercise works your arms, shoulders, chest, back, and abs.

There’s a wide variety of push-ups. Mix and match your favorites.

What Was The Damage? (Pick Your Challenge)


Push-Ups : Oldie but a goodie.

Knee Push-Ups : Ignore the haters. You look awesome.

Up Down Plank : Demonstrating that even when you give up midway through a push-up, you’re still working out.

Asymmetrical Push-Up :
There’s beauty in imperfection. Is that Nietzsche? I can’t remember.

Staggered Arm Knee Push Up: Like a slow-motion fall.

Knee and Elbow Press Up :
Ready. Set. Don’t go. You have 10 more of these to do.


Spiderman Push Ups : Superpowers are not guaranteed.

Decline Push-Up : I’m inclined to tell you this is an awesome push-up.

One Arm Tricep Push Up : You’ll look like a walrus, but without the tusks … or the blubber. Nevermind. That was a bad analogy.


Ankle Tap Push-Ups : Really stretch your limits with this one.

Pike Push-Ups : Guaranteed adrenaline rush as you try to stop a face plant.

Staggered Arm Push Up : If variety is the spice of life, this one’s cayenne pepper.

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