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Tips for Runners: Lacing Your Running Shoes

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Lace Up Those Running Shoes!

Did you get some fancy new running shoes for Christmas or setting out to invest in support for your weary feet? Many injuries can be prevented by proper lacing techniques:

You’ve got to consider arch, gait type, environment, mileage—a whole host of factors that come into play as you’re logging miles. You’ve gone to the store, been fitted, and even walked around in a few different styles. You’ve researched brands, materials and new footwear technologies. Finally, you find them—the perfect pair for your run.

And they still rub. Now what?

Turns out, the way you lace your running shoes can have a big impact on fit and feel as you stride. Narrow feet? High arches? Blackened toenails? There’s a shoe lacing technique to solve that.

So before you toss out your favorite footwear, try out these different methods to lace your running shoes. Our shoe lacing techniques include:

  • High-arch lacing that alleviates tightness along the upper.
  • Lacing for heel-slipping that provides the ankle with extra support.
  • Lacing that creates more space in the heel box for wide a wide forefoot.
  • Shoe lacing that minimizes pressure for a high mid-foot.
  • Shoes feel too snug? A lacing technique that helps evenly distribute pressure.
  • Blacked toe nails or nail pain? Lacing techniques that lift the toecap, giving the toes a little more room.
  • Lacing that tightens the shoes more than usual for narrow feet.
  • Lacing that loosens the shoe for wide feet, providing more space and comfort.

Ready to get started? Check out this Running Shoe Lacing Techniques guide here and experience the difference it makes in your run.

Article courtesy of Dicks Sporting Goods

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