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Spring is in the Air

Spring is here! That’s right, winter is rapidly coming to an end, making now the perfect time to reboot and do a little spring cleaning. Mix it up this time and clean out more than just your home, but your lifestyle.

Take a look at what you’ve been eating, how you’ve been moving, and where your work-life balance is. Embrace the opportunity to clean out your home and your daily routine.

Eat Well:

Feeling more tired and sluggish than desired? Haven’t fully rebounded from the holiday season? Well it’s likely that fruits and veggies have become a distant memory. Let’s dive right in and spring clean our diets, pantries, and our fridges!

Snack smarter: What foods have snuck into your fridge or pantry that you should cut out? If that’s too hard, start by upgrading your options. If you have some ice cream hiding out in your freezer, try flavored Greek yogurt instead.  Potato chips? Crunch on some veggie straws or better yet, raw veggies themselves! Need more healthy snacking ideas? We’ve got you covered!

Create a meal plan: You have the best of intentions, but all of the sudden it’s lunchtime on Monday and you did not plan your food for the week! There’s an old quote, “Failing to plan is planning to fail.”  Life is crazy and you’re busy with important things. You mean well, so be kind to yourself, sit down on the weekend and pick three recipes you want to recycle throughout the week. Make a grocery list, go to the store with a plan and crank out a couple recipes before your week starts and duties take over! Check out these quick and easy recipes for busy weekdays!

Eat the colors of the rainbow: Whatever you do, don’t overthink it! When you look at your plate, do you see  primarily browns? Throw a handful of red (tomatoes on your salad, sautéed peppers) a dash of green (spring mix, some green beans), and hey, let’s get some orange (sweet potato) in the mix, just for fun! Eating the rainbow can be creative, even artistic. What’s missing from your plate?

Stay Active:

In January, you likely decided that you wanted to exercise more. Now is a great time to check in on your progress and to be reminded how to set goals and achieve them!

Trade some scrolling for some strolling: *Guilty* We don’t want to shame you, it can be easy to scroll on your phone for 10 minutes here, 20 minutes there. Explore the possibility of waking up and going for a jog or coming home from work and throwing on your sneakers, instead of your first instinct being to scroll through your notifications.

Revive your playlist: Music sets the tone for your workout. Are you getting tired of your old playlist? Is it not giving you the motivation it once did? Give yourself an afternoon to spruce it up! Check out our Facebook page: HWO Wellness Squad, where we shared some of our favorite playlists.

Step off the scale: Muscle weighs most, be kind to yourself and try staying off of the scale for a while. You’re likely to rediscover joy in being active and view it as less of a punishment.  Use your energy level as a measurement of success!

Sign up for a race: Here’s a fun one. There are so many forms of exercise, you just get to find which kind of exercise you like! Sign up for a race, try out a new class, explore and check out all the local events on our free Carrot App!

Enjoy Life:

You’re on a roll, don’t stop there! It’s the perfect time to do a reality check on your other goals as well.

Finances:  It’s tax season, so while you’re filing those, take a look at the rest of your finances! It’s easy to get out of the habit of minding a budget, so take an afternoon to look over your spending and reallocate your funds for an overall refreshed budget.  Things change and you may find that you are budgeting more or less than you need to in some categories.

Relationships: Are you making time for them? Family, friends, yourself! Like you did with your budget, take an inventory of your schedule and make sure you are setting time aside to feed your soul by resting and connecting with those you love.  Healthy relationships can help make for an overall healthier life.  Want more info? Use our post to help you check if your relationships are healthy.

Feng shui your home: Re-cluttering is so easy, so take time to declutter and redecorate to make your home the oasis it once was.  Soften the space by adding some plants (if you’re afraid of killing them, fake are great too)! Frame some meaningful photos of the people you love the most. Invest in some candles, because, why not?! A good smelling home is always a good thing. Need help decluttering? Check out our blog: “It’s Just Stuff!” for tips!

One Last Thing:

 REWARD YOURSELF – you’ve worked hard!

We want to know, what will you do to spring clean?

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