The Ultimate Full-Body at Home Workout

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Jaclyn Rymer, NBC-HWC
National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach

The new year is coming, but why wait for your resolution to start in January when you can implement small, meaningful steps towards your fitness goals now?! Maybe you don’t like going to the gym, or you’ve gotten comfortable in your cozy home now that you work from home, or you just can’t seem to find the extra time to drive to the gym and back.  That’s where at home workouts are a dream!  Here’s your ultimate full body at home workout: it includes 3 circuits consisting of 9 Workouts from the HWO Carrot App and it can be done in 20 minutes.  Now you can save time, stay home, and start now!

Watch the FULL workout tutorial video here!

Let’s go!

1st Circuit: Arms + Cardio, 3 Rounds

Tricep Dips (10): Tricep strength is valuable in daily activities that involve pushing. While tricep dips are an effective way to activate your triceps, you also activate other muscles at the same time, like your core in this case.  So although we are targeting your arms in this circuit, you also reap the benefits of engaging your core.

Push-Ups (10): While pushups are generally sought after for their upper body strength, they impact quite a few muscle groups including triceps, pecs, shoulders, lower back and core.

Jumping Jacks (25): Jumping Jacks are an exercise you can take anywhere and are so well rounded.  They work your heart, lungs and muscles all at the same time.  It’s a great way to keep your heart rate up while putting in a quick at home workout!

Rest for 2-minutes

2nd Circuit: Legs + Glutes, 3 Rounds

Lunges (10): Lunges are a great leg and booty workout, but did you know they also improve your flexibility and balance? And oh by the way, they are well known to boost your metabolism too.

Squats (10): Squats are the lunges side kick.  They help you tone your lower body and improve your balance leaving you with one solid lower body build.

Calf Raises (10): Strong calves make for strong ankles, which helps to prevent ankle and knee injuries. These are easy to do and valuable for stability and strength.

Rest for 2-minutes

3rd Circuit: Abs + Legs, 3 Rounds

Planks (30 seconds): Planks are an incredible core strengthening exercise.  Planks are a star full body exercise. They work your pelvic girdle, shoulders, legs, spine, rhomboids and trapezius, and of course your abdominal muscles.

Leg Raises (10): Though leg raises sound like they’ll target your legs, they are a valuable core strengthening exercise. A strong core helps to prevent lower back pain!

Wall Sits (30 seconds): How can something so simple be so valuable? Wall sits target your entire lower body: your glutes, hamstrings, and quads, and when done correctly, your abs also benefit!

Stay Hydrated!

Full body workouts are functional and translate well into every day life.  They help you build strength, prevent injuries, recovery from injuries quicker, and achieve and maintain a healthy weight!

Sometimes the hardest part of exercise is thinking of what to actually do, so my hope is that this full body at home circuit can help get you started!  Once you experiment with the Carrot App you can continue building your own at home workouts, earning coins, and challenging yourself as you level up in the app. While you prepare to embark on or revamp your workout routine, just remember that, “the best exercise is the one you’ll do!” – Dr. Bill Sears.

Where will you start?

About the Author

Jaclyn Rymer is a National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach (NBC-HWC) who believes that a healthy lifestyle is a joyful and balanced one. Her personal experiences and professional education have led her to be truly passionate about helping her clients achieve sustainability and harmony in their own whole person wellness journeys. Jaclyn teams up with each client to brainstorm, plan and strategically implement small changes that have a significant impact on physical biomarkers of health, mental/emotional wellbeing, and on overall feelings of vitality.

Jaclyn is a Winter Garden resident and has dual Bachelor of Science Degrees (Hospitality Management and Restaurant and Foodservice Management). She is also a dual Certified Health Coach with certifications in all ages and life stages. She brings her background in serving others in the culinary industry and her experience as an elite athlete and coach into the health coaching relationship as she shares her passion for natural foods and healthy living with her clients. She refuels by spending time with her husband, getting creative in the kitchen, and finding joy filled ways to move her body.

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