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Trainers Top Tips to Keep the Holiday Bulge at Bay

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Attack of the Holiday Bulge!

1. Navigate the pitfalls before they start.

It may sound obvious but plan ahead. Look at your schedule ahead of time, try going to the gym before work. Add classes to your schedule so that you are committed in advance to showing up. This will allow you to enjoy your holiday experience so much more!

2. Don’t be influenced by the moment.

If food is your vice during the holidays, look at the menu before entering those doors. Try to resolve that you will choose healthier options when and where possible. Don’t go starving or thirsty, both of these are a lethal combination for overeating.

3. Hangout with healthy people.

We know you can’t do a lot about that grandmother who is handing you slice after slice of her famous chocolate cake but you can surround yourself with healthy, likeminded friends. Take classes together with friends, switch out a brunch with a workout or set up a morning sweat session in lieu of evening happy hour.

4. Be gentle on yourself.

The all-or-nothing mindset about health and fitness can be very damaging this time of year. When you are overly strict with yourself you tend to think of your choices as either good or bad. Allow yourself to have fun and then gently get back on track after that.

by Mahri Relin founder of Body Conceptions

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