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Mental Strength Training!

In the first edition of this 3-part blog series, we heard from Kristin Weissman, Founder and CEO of Studio K, on why dance is so beneficial to the body. Moving your body to the music not only improves physical health, but mental health as well. Did you know dancing can increase energy and mood, and decrease stress, anxiety, and depression? Studies show that dancing provides another means of expressing ones emotions, and serves as an outlet that improves negative emotions. While this is true when dancing on your own, dancing with others helps you feel more connected and social, further boosting your mood.

So, let’s start with dancing at home. Turn on some music and just let yourself move. See how it makes you feel. Maybe silly at first, but sometimes, a little silliness helps us get out of our own heads. And if you’ve got family members with you, turn the music up and get them dancing too. Have a dance party in your living room! With all the social distancing, stress and worries, your mind and body could use a dance break, and encouraging your loved ones to shake their tail feather just might be the stress relief they’ve needed as well.

Let’s get Kristin’s take on this!

How can dance improve mental health?

Kristin: “I think dance impacts mental health in such a powerful way. Some members at Studio K have simply transformed right before our eyes! Their confidence grows tremendously, they become less shy, and they are in a supportive and positive environment that helps them to express themselves and to let the stresses of the day slip away.”

Do you find that dancers are more confident after taking dance classes?

Kristin: “100%! We find the hardest step is for people to gain the confidence to just walk in the door as it can be so intimidating to enter a dance studio, let alone to try the class. When they take that step at Studio K, they completely shine! We make sure that they are in a supportive, caring, warm environment that allows them to be themselves and to take over the dance floor to accomplish whatever personal goal they set out to achieve. Our tag line is “The Floor is Yours,” meaning no matter your age, your size, your level of ability, or even if you have a disability, the floor is yours to be whatever you want to be in that moment!”

How does teamwork come into play in dance?

Kristin: “Depending on the style, teamwork can really come into play. In partnered or group team dancing, you have to work together to express the movement as a synchronized unit and really feel the music together. In our fitness group classes, the teamwork comes in as everyone supports each other and raises the energy in the class to keep everyone motivated and make it through the full hour with a smile!”

Check out the grand finale of this blog series, where you’ll learn about the many different styles that dance has to offer! From tap, to jazz, to country line dancing, you’re bound to find a beat to boogie to!

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How does dance help you mentally? Share it with us! We’d love to hear from you in the comments below:

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Kristin Weissman is the Founder and CEO of local dance studio, Studio K on International Drive in Orlando, FL. Kristin has studied dance for decades, and opened Studio K in 2010. She wanted to create a place where anyone, regardless of their level of dance experience, were instantly welcomed and could dance their hearts out without ever feeling judged in any way. Studio K provides a studio for adults of all levels with a large class variety. Today, Studio K welcomes members from all over the world, and offers 35 styles of dance and fitness

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