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How You Can Move!

It’s the grand finale of our 3-part blog series about all things dance! When you think of dance, do you think: Gene Kelley, Fred Astaire, and Ginger Rogers? Or maybe Michael Jackson, MC Hammer, or Derek Hough? Is it ballroom, tap, or ballet? Or something more modern like hip-hop? No matter what you thought of, there’s one thing for certain; dance is always changing. The best part about that constant evolution is that dance can be fun for everyone… even if you have two left feet.

We have a local expert on hand to help us help you find your favorite style of dance! Kristin Weissman, Founder and CEO of Studio K, has studied dozens of dance styles. Let’s talk about a few!

Dance Styles:
Could you describe a few different dance styles, and what each can offer?

Kristin: “There are so many dance styles to try and each offer something a little different and unique that you might not expect over the traditional health benefits. For example, a class like ballet is considered a core style, meaning it is the foundation for other forms of dance to improve your technique. It also helps to build your core strength, your flexibility, and provides exceptional toning benefits due to its structured and deliberate nature.

In a cardio dance workout, you are burning more calories by raising the intensity and working up a sweat! A cardio dance workout is fantastic for also working on your coordination and musicality as you quickly learn how to follow along to an instructor’s movement and to listen to the music to find your own rhythm to stay on beat and on time.

Other unique forms of dance that have great benefits include styles like Heels, Ballroom, and even Country Line Dancing which all provide an incredible leg toning benefit on top of all of the other perks just by getting out on the dance floor!”

Are there styles of dance for every body and every age?

Kristin: “Absolutely! The amazing thing about dance it that it unifies generations and everybody can do it! At Studio K, we welcome members and instructors of all ages, shapes and sizes who are incredible dancers, as well as those who absolutely just love to dance! You just have to be willing no matter where you take class, to experiment and to find the style that connects with you. If the first one isn’t your ideal match, try again – don’t give up! When you find the right one, I promise, it will definitely change your life!”

What is your favorite style of dance and why?

Kristin: My all-time favorite style of dance is Salsa! I previously competed in salsa dancing and studied the style for years. When I’m doing salsa, I can escape absolutely everything else and I’m just so happy. I hear and feel the music, and I think my confidence grows and I become an entirely different person on that dance floor.

How to Participate:

Enough convincing you of the benefits and the fun, let’s get those creative juices flowing! Here are some ideas to participate in our dance challenge! First, be sure to register for Westly’s Dance Challenge and use the FREE dance class offer from Studio K!

Dance Class:

There are so many dance classes out there, take a moment to pick the style of dance that fits you: swing dancing, hip hop, tango, Zumba… the list goes on! Are you a member at a gym? Check out their classes. Live near a dance studio, like Studio K? Maybe that’s your thing. Or maybe you want to dance in the comfort of your own home?  There are plenty of videos online for that. Take your pick!

Spring Cleaning Dance:

Maybe you just want to add dance into your everyday life. Spice up your spring-cleaning chores and get down while you vacuum, pirouette as you put the dishes in the cabinet, or throw some line dancing in while you dust. It all counts!

Video Games Are Still In:

Flashback to Dance Dance Revolution, how about High School Musical? Or better yet, Just Dance! If you have a game system, there is a good chance you have or know someone who has a dance game you can pop in!

Download an App:

Love to dance but need ideas and motivation? There’s an app for that! Do a quick search and see which fits you best!

Dance To a Playlist:

Maybe you don’t need all of the classes, games and apps, and you just like to move. Well you can’t dance without good music! Here, take this pop playlist on Spotify and save yourself the hassle! Don’t like pop? No sweat, maybe check out a Spotify 80’s Playlist or Spotify Jazz/R&B Playlist.

Missed the first two editions of this dance blog series? Check out Dance: Physical Benefits and Dance: Mental Benefits.

About the Author

Kristin Weissman is the Founder and CEO of local dance studio, Studio K on International Drive in Orlando, FL. Kristin has studied dance for decades, and opened Studio K in 2010. She wanted to create a place where anyone, regardless of their level of dance experience, were instantly welcomed and could dance their hearts out without ever feeling judged in any way. Studio K provides a studio for adults of all levels with a large class variety. Today, Studio K welcomes members from all over the world, and offers 35 styles of dance and fitness

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