Healthy Aging: Tips for Staying Active

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Making Exercise Fun As You Age

Many people often complain that they do not exercise because it is boring. The best way to work around this problem is to try and find a buddy to exercise with you. Organize a neighborhood walking group or just find a friend who might like to take daily walks with you. You may also join your local senior center or YMCA nearby and take lessons in swimming or participate in group exercises such as aerobics. An exercise program on tape or video can also help make your workout session entertaining and efficient in the process. You could also opt to buy in home exercise equipment making things convenient where you can watch television while you work out. Allowing yourself to come up with ways to add variety to your daily exercise routine is definitely encouraged so your workouts remain fresh and exciting.

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Exercising at Home

Exercise does not have to be done only at the confines of the gym or in your neighborhood. There are endless ways you can stay physically fit at the convenience of your home. Exercise videos geared towards older adults can be purchased and viewed on your home media system. Some simple forms of exercise like stretching can be done daily at home, whenever you wish. There are numerous things you can do at home to stay active like gardening or doing other chores to help keep your body moving and worked out.

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Other Places to Exercise

There are many different places older adults can do their exercise. Often, changing your environment can help make things much less routine and add a bit of excitement to your daily regimen. Public pools are a great place to do water aerobics or swim some laps. Your local park is a great place to take a nice walk with friends. Many localities have fitness classes designed especially for older adults, so look into these as well. No matter where you choose to exercise, it’s important that you try to do this at least three times per week for about half an hour each time. Writing down a few great and engaging places where you could go exercise is definitely a worthwhile exercise in itself. Going out there to those places and getting your needed body and mental conditioning is all the more beneficial to your personal well-being.


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Information courtesy of David Patterson, Editorial Staff, Pacific Medical Training

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