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Healthy Aging: What You Need to Know

The Importance of Healthy Aging

As we age, it is of utmost importance to stay active and healthy. Our bodies change when we get older and it is essential that the elderly and aging are able to move about and get the exercise they need to stay healthy. It is imperative that older adults have a proper diet and exercise as much as they can. Studies have shown that exercising can improve circulation, strengthen the heart and bones and help prevent various forms of cancer.

Exercise Becomes More Important

Older adults should get proper exercise and stay active in order to maintain their physical health and function. Exercise can help to prevent or delay certain illnesses such as cancer and heart disease. Walking, running, swimming and strength training for at least thirty minutes every day can help older adults keep up their muscle strength. It can also help to ensure their physical independence and ability to handle daily tasks on their own. Increased energy levels and elevated moods are some other benefits.

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Keep a Healthy Diet

In addition to exercise, a proper diet is also essential for a healthy life. This applies to children, middle-aged people and older adults as well. As the human body ages, the dietary needs may change. High-fiber diets are important for older adults as well as increasing calcium to achieve sufficient levels particularly for women. Diets low in fat and sugar can help to decrease the risk of diabetes or heart disease and keep cholesterol levels low. See a nutritionist or talk to your doctor for some healthy eating guidelines.

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Staying active and eating right can help people live longer and healthier lives. By exercising with a friend or attending a fitness class, many older adults find it’s much easier to stick to a plan. Simple exercises that can be performed at home can also help keep muscles and bones strong. Older adults should remember the importance of exercise in its many forms and make sure to have it as part of their daily routine.

Information courtesy of David Patterson, Editorial Staff, Pacific Medical Training

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