Leg Raises

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Bonus points: Not only are leg raises working your core, but you’re also preventing future back pain and injuries.

But How Did It Make You Feel? (Pick Your Challenge)


Straight Leg Raises : One of the fastest routes to rock-hard abs.

Back leg lifts : You are responsible to warn anyone behind you of what’s coming.

Side Leg Lifts :
Can you complete these with a straight face?

Inner Thigh Lifts :
The movement’s subtle but the results are not.


Plank Leg Lifts : Challenge muscles you didn’t even know you had.

Side Leg Lifts :
Scissor those legs.


Alternating Plank Row Leg Raise : This one’s going to take more coordination than catching mosquitoes with chop sticks.

Scissor Kicks :
It’s time to get cut.

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