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Bonus points: Strengthening your large muscle groups (like your legs) speeds up your metabolism. They also improve your core strength and improve hip flexibility.

Not all lunges are made equal. Mix and match your favorites.

How low did you go? (Pick Your Challenge)


Lunge : Step. Drop. Repeat. See? Simple.

Front and Back Lunges : This name was made up five minutes before deadline.

Side Lunge : As close as you’re going to get to skiing in Central Florida.

Shoulder Squeeze Reverse Lunge :
Picture your excuses, then punch them in their stupid faces.

Walking Lunges : Once you master this, why would you want to walk normally anywhere?

Arms Cross Side Lunge :
Also excellent if you’re calling a baseball player “safe.”

Curtsy Lunge Side Kick :
S-P-I-R-I-T! Spirit! Let’s hear it!


Reverse Lunge Shoulder Press : Finishing with the Karate Kid crane kick optional.

Lunge Twist : Also handy for pointing out the near exits on the aircraft.

Lunge Punch :
Pretty sure this is the up-down-down combo in Mortal Kombat.

Curtsy Lunge :
You don’t have to say “your majesty” each time, but why wouldn’t you?

Side Lunge to Curtsy Lunge :
Imagine how awesome you would look in the greeting line at the royal wedding.

Alternating Lunge Front Raise :
Just try and snatch those dumbbells from my hands. I dare you.


Lunge Back Kick : This makes a “T” shape. T for “terrific.”

Jumping Lunges :
Your knees might not thank you, but those quads will look ripped, son.

Core Control Rear Lunge :
There’s a lot of movement going on here. Maybe secure your Golden Girls collector plates first.

Side Lunge Curl :
Like rocking your excuses to sleep.

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