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Planks train the inner core muscles, laying the foundation for stronger and more defined abdominal muscles. Remember, it’s about the time you can endure, not the reps.

Good news. There’s about a million ways to test your ab strength.

How Did You Do Today? (Pick Your Challenge)


Planks : Stare at the floor while you consider your life choices.

Side Plank : Make your workout partner uncomfortable by staring at them intently.

Up Down Plank : Look. Not every exercise name has to be clever.

Plank pose :
Doesn’t make you a poser, I swear.

Side Plank Hip Abduction :
Polishing that six pack like a boss.

Plank Hip Dips :
Like twisting open a can of awesomeness. Mmmm. Still fresh.

Superman :
Sorry, we can’t guarantee a job at the Daily Planet.


Plank Leg Lifts : Challenge muscles you didn’t even know you had.

Plank Jacks : These will make you jacked. Any questions?

Side Plank Front Kick :
You warned Becky what would happen if she stared.

Upward Plank Pose :
Finally, a plank that doesn’t involve making friends with the floor.

Inverted V Plank :
If the floor offers you a Tic Tac while you’re down there, take it.


Plank Bird Dog : Reach for your goals and grab them by the throat.

Plank Shoulder Tap : Does your shoulder burn more or your abs? Good question.

Plank Straight Arm Kickback :
Reason No. 2 Bajillion to own dumbbells.

Plank Kick Throughs :
Watch the transition on this one. Otherwise you’ll get a free nose job.

Alternating Plank Row Leg Raise :
Kind of like the hokey pokey, but way cooler.

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