Local Parks Spotlight: Tildenville Park

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Local Focus: Tildenville Park

It is National Parks and Recreation Month, and we decided to take a moment and highlight some of the amazing local parks in our community. Parks are such an important part of any community. They are a gathering place where kids can play, families can relax, athletes can train, and they have the ability to immediately make a location feel like home. Here in West Orange, we have a surprisingly high number of wonderful parks, not to mention the infamous West Orange Trail as well.

Last week, we featured an article that discussed the West Orange Trail as well as an overview for the Orange County Parks and Recreation. This week, we decided to feature a little gem of a park located in Winter Garden that could easily be missed if you blink. With only 6.5 acres of land, Tildenville Park is an amazing little place to visit.

A Great Place for Families

Tildenville Park may be small, but it offers recreational programs as well as other amenities such as basketball courts, picnic areas, and playgrounds. One recreational program is the R.E.C. Zone for Kindergarten – 5th grade that runs from August 14 – May 30. For more information contact them here.

Stay tuned next week for our next featured park of the month!

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