Local Parks Spotlight: Chapin Station

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Local Focus: Chapin Station

It is National Parks and Recreation Month, and we decided to take a moment and highlight some of the amazing local parks in our community. Parks are such an important part of any community. They are a gathering place where kids can play, families can relax, athletes can train, and they have the ability to immediately make a location feel like home. Here in West Orange, we have a surprisingly high number of wonderful parks, not to mention the infamous West Orange Trail as well.

Earlier this month, we featured an article that discussed the West Orange Trail as well as an article that featured Tildenville Park. This week, we decided to feature a park that is sure to be a favorite for children thanks to its multiple playgrounds and lush surroundings perfect for an intense game of hide and seek.

Something for Everyone

The park at Chapin Station is an expansive and beautifully tree lined park situated along the West Orange Trail. Enjoy multiple playgrounds and the Path of Life engraved brick pathway within the garden, sponsored by the Bloom and Grow Garden Society. Tennis and basketball courts are also available and the site is a location for a variety of group fitness classes. This is such a popular park in West Orange, it even has it’s own Facebook page!

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